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          Welcome to the Blackburn Hamlet Community Association (B)

          The Blackburn Community Association (B) is a grassroots, volunteer-run organization that supports and advotes on behalf of residents, businesses and groups in Blackburn Hamlet, Ottawa, nada.

          Adopt Me

          Adopt a Tree – Thank You!

          Thank you to everyone who applied to adopt one of our fruit trees/shrubs this year through Adopt a Tree. Please join us in congratulating: Sophie & Eric who adopted Rose the nada Plum; Alexander and Janelle who adopted Penny the Pin Cherry; Stephen and Dawn

          Poetry Talk

          Interactive Talk about Poetry

          As part of its youth engagement activities, the B is inviting Blackburn youth aged 10-14 to participate in an Interactive Talk?about Poetry with poet and playwright Henry Beissel on Saturday August 27, 2022 at 11am at the lol library. Mr. Beissel was the volunteer judge

          98-100 Bearbrook

          98 & 100 Bearbrook

          A Site Plan Control applition to construct a 9-storey mid-rise apartment with a total of 168 residential units (159 apartment units and nine townhouse units) comprising a 14,674 gross floor area (GFA), with 209 motor vehicle parking spaces (25 surface and 184 underground) and 84